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title: "About Me"
-Hey there, I am Abdus. I am a full-stack developer.
+### Intro
-Don't really know what to write about myself. I will try to write something
+Hey there! You are welcome to the most weird area of my website. I have no idea
+what to write about myself. But I will give it a try anyways.
-I learnt most of the things I know on my own. I don't have a degree in Computer
-Science, but I do have one in Computer Applications.
+So, I am Abdus. I am a developer living in
+north-eastern part of India.
-[ _Desperately trying to fill this page up with random things :/_ ]
+I am skilled at building websites, managing servers, playing with cloud stuffs
+and of course Linux. For a list of technical skills I've got, please [visit this
-I am a Linux geek. I have been using [Arch Linux]( since
-almost 2 years++. Here, I have my [dotfiles](
+Apart from programming, I do...well, nothing. Sometime, I play PC games.
-If you are a recruiter, have a look at my [resume](
-And if you are a developer, here's my [GitHub
+### Contact Info
-Contact Info You may Need:
+I am always reachable via Email []( If
+you are in LinkedIn, feel free to
+[connect]( If you prefer someting secure
+and fast, I am on [Telegram]( as well. Also, you can send
+me encrypted messages using my [GPG key](/keys/).
-- [LinkedIn Profile](
-Oh...BTW I love playing GTA V.
+That's all about me! I will keep this page updated incase any exciting things
+happens in my life(hopefully).