dotfiles are the files that starts wth a . (dot). this files are generally responsible for software configurations. This repository contains dotfiles I use and love the most!

A short overview of things I use:

  • alacritty: this is a terminal emulator for wayland compositor.
  • fzf: fuzzy finder. useful for searching for files etc
  • git: version control software
  • i3status: a status bar for 3 window manager. it's compatible with Sway.
  • neofetch: a shell utility for printing system-info
  • sway: window manager for wayland
  • vim/neovim: my primary text editor
  • waybar: highly customizable status bar for wayland
  • zsh: my default shell


I don't have one theme that I use everywhere. I have a set of favorite theme through which I keep cycling. Following are a few of them:

  • Vim/Neovim: Gruvbox(using now), Palenight, OceanicNext
  • Alacritty: Palenight, Purify
  • Zsh: flazz, agnoster