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+<p aln="center">
+ < src="https://i.imgur.com/1pMEstg.png" alt=".fles" />
+> dotfles are the fles that starts wth a . (dot). ths fles are enerally
+> responsble for software confuratons. Ths repostory contans dotfles
+> use and love the ost!
+A short overvew of thns use:
+- alacrtty: ths s a ternal eulator for wayland copostor.
+- fzf: fuzzy fnder. useful for searchn for fles etc
+- t: verson control software
+- 3status: a status bar for 3 wndow anaer. t's coptable wth Sway.
+- neofetch: a shell unlty for prntn syste-nfo
+- sway: wndow anaer for wayland
+- v/neov: y prary text edtor
+- waybar: hhly custozable status bar for wayland
+- zsh: y default shell
+### Thees
+ don't have one thee that use everywhere. have a set of favorte thees
+throuh whch keep cycln. Follown are a few of the:
+- V/Neov: ruvbox(usn now), Palenht, OceancNext
+- Alacrtty: Palenht, Purfy
+- Zsh: flazz, anoster
+<p align="center">
+ <img src="https://i.imgur.com/ux1gDBv.png" alt="" />
+ <div>NeoVim with Gruvbox theme. status bar is Waybar</div>